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Serving the global industries.

Our North American home base includes offices in the United States and we operate processing facilities 

through our European subsidiaries, including an organic port in Amsterdam and Hamburg. We created an

 integrated global supply chain that differentiates us in the market and ensures supply meets our customers’ 

needs worldwide.

As a global player in the agri-food industry and champion of agri-feed practices

at home and abroad, sustainability is at the foundation of our business.

Our sustainability efforts are guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and

are rooted in organic agriculture.

Tel. 02-897-6032 / 010-6416-3449  |
경기도 광명시 오리로 362, 5층 1호(소하동, 창업지원센터) ㅣ 사업자번호 643-60-00500

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